Southwood Masonic Centre

Southwood situated on Birdcage Lane in Savile Park, Halifax, was built in 1941 by a well-known Halifax industrialist, Albert Kitching.

The property continued as a private dwelling until 1989 when the five lodges of Freemasons which occupied a building at St Johns Place in the centre of Halifax purchased Southwood. This became about because the Halifax Building Society wished to build a new Headquarters and the Freemasons Hall in St Johns Place was right in the middle of the proposed development. The Building Society purchased the building in St Johns Place and with the proceeds the Freemasons purchased Southwood.

The old Freemasons Hall can still be seen today, because it was a listed building and permission could not be obtained to demolish it and as a compromise the facade of the building was suspended within the new HQ.

The building at Southwood was extensively converted and extended to include Masonic Temples, bars, a commercial kitchen and two dining rooms. A great deal of effort was put into retaining the character of the original building, such as keeping the oak panelling and ensuring a high standard of decoration was created throughout the building.

Southwood continues to be the home of five lodges , and seven other Masonic organisations, including Holy Royal Arch Chapter, Knights Templar, Rose Croix, Mark Masons, Ark Mariner and Order of Athelstan.

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